Please submit four–six poems of no more than two pages each that give us an idea of your voice and poetic strengths. We aim to publish poetry that contains solid, riveting images, is emotionally complex, and that yields meaning beyond what is merely personal, thus having implications for others and/or society. We do not publish religious-themed poetry unless there is a marked reason for including such images or references in a poem. We admire poetry that makes an impact, whether soft or brash, that is felt in the body while reading, that is thoughtful and carefully wrought. Although we tend toward publishing free verse poems, those that use form, repetition, and rhyme scheme with unique purpose and talent are welcome, as are experimental poems if they are emotionally resonant, in addition to being intellectual or analytic. When submitting, please be sure to include your full name, address, and e-mail address on the first page of your submission, as well as a cover letter stating any past publications or other pertinent information. We do not accept any previously published work, even if published on your personal blog or social media page. Please be sure not to submit work to which that applies. 

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